Snode's Farm Market

Farm Market

featuring Snode’s Melons since 1934

Our Farm Market is open seasonally and features fresh produce: cantaloupe, watermelon, sweet corn, zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, pumpkins, fall edible squashes and fall ornamentals, Indian corn, and corn stalks.


Our melons are vine-ripened which means we walk the fields everyday looking for melons that are slightly cracked around the stem and ready to be released from the vine. The melons are cooled quickly to suspend the ripening process and preserve freshness. 

Melons are graded by size and sold to the end consumer.

Our melons are not your typical melon! What makes them special? First, we have been striving to perfect our craft since 1934. We begin by sourcing the highest quality seed available on the market. The result is a heavy melon with thick netting and a plump, sweet, fruit center. Second, we practice responsible land management including crop rotation and proper spacing to minimize plant disease. Finally, we hand-handle the plants and the fruit from start to finish to minimize damage to this highly perishable fruit.

Call us old-fashion, but these practices produce a product that is truly fresh and wholesome. We think you will notice our attention to detail. It matters to us because our grandchildren have been eating our melons for 89 years. 





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